I had trouble with my energy levels, throughout the day I would often yawn and feel tired. I had issues focusing and often found my mind wondering. I also had issues with an abundance of dry skin and off and on headaches. First, the HLFC team sat down with me to understand my challenges and get a baseline for my current health. Not just the challenges I described, but they really got an understanding of my current health baseline. From there we moved onto regular checkups that involved diet, lifestyle, and supplements to help combat my health challenges. They explained to me what could help and why, at every step and recommendation. I stopped having headaches in the mornings and randomly throughout the week. My dry skin has gotten better as well. Before, whether I was hydrated or not, I had really bad dry skin and now, my skin is a lot better. Often times I would find my mind wandering throughout the day and now I am able to focus a lot better. My energy levels are significantly better and I don’t find myself waking up tired or tired halfway through my day. The energy improvement alone was worth it! My advice for someone; honestly, try it out and see what the HLFC team can do for you. Take the process seriously and take your supplements, they really help. Ask questions and be open with team on your challenges and they will work with you.

~Je’Rid M.

When I came to HLFC I was having a lot of pain in my right shoulder and had very limited motion in it. I also had pain in my left hip that was radiating to my left knee. I have had the shoulder pain for 2 years and the hip just started hurting after a car accident. Dr. Chad did a thorough exam, including x-rays, and showed me where I had some problems in my spine. He gave me a plan for adjustments and also told me things I could do at home to help. I now have full motion in my shoulder and only slight pain after just one month of care!! The pain in my left hip has improved a lot as well as the pain in my left knee! I would definitely recommend chiropractic care…it’s almost a miracle!! I never thought I’d feel better after only one month. I was afraid I’d have to have surgery…but I don’t think that will be necessary now!


When I came into the office I had neck and mid-back pain which was caused by a car accident. Dr. Chad gave me adjustments and exercises to do. They allowed my neck muscles to relax and the pain slowly disappeared! If you are in my situation come get adjusted…it makes a big difference!


When I first came to HLFC my issues mainly involved my neck and lower back, probably due to my long hours of studying. However, my main issue was my constant arrival of migraines, which would paralyze me for up to 48 hours at a time. The chiropractic side of the practice helped my back and neck, but the Purification Program really relieved me from my migraines. I noticed improved mental clarity, more energy, my mood boosted and I was just “fresh” feeling. I noticed that diet really makes all the difference! Plus, I have not had a migraine in MONTHS!!


I had been to a chiropractor before but due to work I hadn’t been in a long time. I decided I needed to go back to a chiropractor. I had back pain and felt sick a lot and had stress headaches. I found Healthy Living Family Chiropractic on the web and after my first meeting with them I knew I had made the correct choice! I realized that I hadn’t been to a thorough chiropractor before. They explained everything to me so I could understand it. Then we laid out a treatment plan. I was gone a lot in the coming weeks but they kept working with me and gave me exercises to do when I was traveling. I have now been going to Dr. Chad for over a year. I no longer have back pain, very rarely feel sick (and if I am sick I get better faster), my stress headaches are gone and I rarely even have headaches any more. I don’t ache or feel as tired either. I am sure there are other things that I haven’t even realized that have gotten better. I used to ache a lot and now I don’t. I don’t know what I would do without my monthly appointments. I would and do recommend chiropractic for anyone, even if you aren’t having problems. Once your body is in correct alignment you just feel better all around!


When my daughter began coming to HLFC she was suffering from headaches and back pain. Dr. Wyatt worked on her using the Activator. She is doing much better now. She doesn’t complain about her back anymore and she rarely gets headaches. She is a much happier child! I wish I would have brought her in sooner. I didn’t realize how much pain she was in until she was doing so much better. Thanks Dr. Wyatt!

~Andrea (Raele’s mom)

I brought my son to HLFC because he was suffering from knee and ankle problems. Dr. Wyatt worked with him to strengthen his knees. He did so in a “fun” way telling how it would also help him as he jumped for the shot. Telling my son how to improve his game made him want to practice more. Dr. Wyatt knew exactly how to interact and relate to my son. My son’s knees have gotten stronger as well as his ankles. His jump has also improved! He enjoys coming to see Dr. Wyatt!

~Andrea (Hayden’s mom)

When I came to HLFC I was having a lot of trouble with my lower back, tailbone and terrible migraines. Dr. Chad sat down with me and explained that in order to get better, we had to work together as a team…he would do his part and I would need to do my exercises at home to help myself. My lower back does not hurt anywhere near like it did. I am even able to lift heavier items and not be punished for the next week. I am also able to sit without pain and do not get debilitating migraines like I used to. I am now on maintenance and I continue to go because I want to feel this good! Dr. Chad and Dr. Maranda are wonderful people. They have both listened to my health concerns and dealt with them directly. They are honest and caring. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.


We brought our son to see Dr. Maranda because he was becoming very hyperactive and was displaying a short attention span. He seemed agitated all the time. Dr. Maranda did an examination of David’s spine. She also asked me questions about his behavior, attention span, outside influences, school, etc. Through that she came up with a plan for David’s treatment which included adjustments and supplements. David is like a different kid! His attention span is longer and he is no longer in a constant agitated state. He is now a typical active 5 year old! I would strongly recommend chiropractic care! The adjustments and supplements have helped his mind and body stay healthy.


When I came to HLFC I was unable to stand for long periods of time. I had chronic low back pain and was not able to function well on a day to day basis. My pain was getting in the way of my fast-paced and busy lifestyle! Dr. Maranda asked me questions and listened to what was bothering me. She always had suggestions for improving my spinal health outside of just receiving chiropractic care. I now feel my body is much stronger. I use my core muscles to move and I have much more energy! It feels like my body is working as it’s supposed to. If you are experiencing low back pain it is possible to be without pain! Often it is the work (exercises and activities given by Dr. Maranda) outside of chiropractic appointments that clarify how the body needs to function. Without conscious effort to improve, there can be no progress.


My 4 year old son had been having recurrent fevers with a swollen throat. We had taken him to the medical doctors multiple times, which lead to multiple throat cultures and antibiotics. We came to HLFC to try a different approach for Garrett’s health care. Dr. Maranda was very patient and thorough with Garrett. She explained everything to him before she adjusted him and always made sure that he was comfortable. Garrett has had great success with chiropractic! He hasn’t had a fever since he has been going to the chiropractor! His swollen throats have been minimal, and the few times he has gotten a sore throat, it lasted a very short time. He hasn’t had to go to his pediatrician since he started with chiropractic! I would encourage anyone with a child who has health problems to try chiropractic care. It has really helped Garrett and he likes going to get his adjustments. It doesn’t hurt him in any way…I would recommend trying it to anyone who has a child with chronic problems!


I first came to Dr. Maranda because my neck was very sore. She adjusted me and my neck pain went away! A couple weeks into care, my tailbone began hurting after sleeping wrong one night. Dr. Chad adjusted my tailbone and the pain was alleviated! Aside from my neck pain going away, I also get fewer headaches now. I have also not gotten a cold this winter since getting adjusted. I generally get very sick since I work in schools with kids. I would definitely advise you to see Dr. Maranda or Dr. Chad first if something is bothering you. I love that my pain was alleviated without drugs!


When I came to see Dr. Chad I was having difficulty with my feet. I always felt like I was walking on a rolled up sock, but there was no “sock” there. The bottom of my foot looked normal – all the x-rays, MRI’s, EMG’s, etc. were “normal”. I went to 70 appointments over 3 years to various doctors, physical therapists, neurologists, rheumatologists and none of them could make the “sock” go away, or even determine why I was having the feeling.

Dr. Chad did a thorough exam of my spine, knees, ankles and feet. He performed tests that had not been done previously, and determined that there was some misalignment in my spine and extremitites. He was excellent at explaining what was going on, showing me pictures and models of feet to describe my issues. He told me from the beginning that he would let me know after the exam if he thought he could help. After the exam, he felt like chiropractic care would be helpful. Over the course of several weeks, he realigned my spine, knees, ankles and feet to achieve great results!!

The results for me have been fantastic! The sock feeling on the bottom of my foot has diminished greatly, I am much more flexible, and my ability to do simple things like stand in one place for an extended time frame has increased immensely.

I would advise anyone with a food or ankle problem to visit Dr. Chad and let him evaluate your issue. Treatment by Dr. Chad has been remarkable for me!


My daughter was 3 years old and had been suffering from constipation and hard bowel movements her entire life when we first visited Dr. Maranda. When she was only three weeks old her primary doctor starting having us put karo syrup in all her bottles…this did nothing. Then around 2 months old we starting giving her prune juice, apple juice and pear juice…this helped a little but nothing great. We continued this for about a year when things starting getting worse. She wouldn’t go the bathroom for days and then when she finally got so uncomfortable with cramps and discomfort she would try to go. It was horrible, she would cry, scream, push and by the time she would finally pass the bowel she would be bleeding from tears and hemorrhoids. I will never forget these horrible experiences. Our primary doctor’s response was to take her to see a specialist…which we did. However their solution was for her, at 3 years of age, to take an adult dose of Miralax 3 times a day for at least 1 year with no backups. Within the first month we had a back up so the 1 year span started over. After about two months of this treatment I thought there had to be a better solution…my three year old should not be taking this much medication…and that is when I met Dr. Maranda!

Dr. Maranda was a God sent…she was patient, kind, understanding, compassionate and so welcoming to us. She took the time to listen to our concerns and answers our questions. She developed a course of treatment that was not only beneficial to us medically, but also taught us healthy lifestyle changes we could easily put into action.

We started taking our daughter to see Dr. Maranda twice a week for adjustments and within a few weeks we were already seeing improvements. We gradually reduced her Miralax doses and her visits for adjustments. 8 months later she is completely off of the Miralax and having regular bowel movements. This never would have happened if we hadn’t started seeing Dr. Maranda. One of my greatest memories of this entire experience is when my daughter looked at me and said “Mommy I went poop today just like all the other boys and girls.” As funny as this may sound, it was something I thought I would never hear or something I thought my daughter would never experience before going to see Dr. Maranda.

Seek additional opinions. If you don’t agree with or question what your medical doctor may be prescribing ask for someone else’s opinion.


I am 25 years old and have suffered from chronic headaches and on-and-off back pain. We started out with bi-weekly adjustments and now I have worked down to every other week. Since starting care, I hardly ever get a headache. If I do get a headache, they get me right in for treatment which will usually help the headache go away. Commit to chiropractic and stick to the plan the doctor makes for you. Chiropractic can help if you are serious.


I enjoy golfing and it seems to add to my lower back pain, which I have a history of, and also causes neck pain. Dr. Maranda had me answer some questions, did and exam, took x-rays and started helping me right away. She was very professional and informative. At the beginning, I got adjusted 3 times a week. Then, over time, I was able to visit the office once a week. Dr. Maranda taught me exercises and explained why what she was doing was making me feel better. My suggestion is to call Dr. Maranda to sit down and discuss your concerns. She is very easy to talk with and has a lot of knowledge! What I really liked was that she adjusted me in different ways until she and I discovered what worked best for my body.


I had been having pain in my lower back and down my right leg to my knee off and on for many years. My back always felt “heavy.” I started coming to the office, at my husband’s request, not knowing what to expect. After an examination, Dr. Chad gave me a series of adjustments and also gave me exercises to do. After just one treatment I started to feel better. Since I had let this problem go for so long it took several weeks for everything to feel normal. I feel like I could run a marathon because I just feel better all over! Please consider chiropractic. Even though I am a registered nurse, I am quite concerned about all the medications people take for every ache and pain. Surgery is not always the only answer either. Try chiropractic. Dr. Chad is a very compassionate doctor.


We started chiropractic care about 1 year ago after Nick (12 at the time) had been on antibiotics for ear/sinus infections 3 times in a 2 month period. Nick was also taking 2 different inhalers for asthma, which was aggravated mostly when he had seasonal allergies and colds. When Nick would get a cold it was not unusual for him to miss 3 days of school in a row a few times a year.

Dr. Maranda evaluated Nick and we started a plan for treatment that involved regular visits. Nick always looked forward to going to his appointments and enjoyed learning about how to take better care of his body for overall health.

Last winter was his healthiest winter in probably 8 years! He did not have ANY ear/sinus infections and when he did catch a cold he missed 1 day of school at most. Typically, Nick would take 1 of his inhalers daily and the other a few times per week. It has been almost 5 months since he has had needed either one. As a result, he has enjoyed physical activity much more and his fitness results are obvious – he has lost weight and his confidence as a 13-year-old has improved.

Give chiropractic a try. Our bodies are designed to be well and sometimes the right human touch can make dramatic differences that are hard to believe until you can see the results. Being healthy isn’t just about feeling good physically; when we feel good the ripple affects of having a happier outlook and attitude trickle into other areas of our lives.

~Julie (aka “mom”)