Meet our Team

  • Jaqie Kennell
    Office Manager - Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner
    In 2013 my husband suggested I seek chiropractic care and nutrition because he was raised in that type of lifestyle and knew the benefits firsthand. He wanted me to be as healthy as I could be, but I was so hesitant because of my medical background. I have worked in nursing homes, on hospital floors, in emergency departments and as a paramedic on the streets. I came to HLFC as a “healthy” person, with no real complaint, but interested in seeing a broader picture of healthcare. After becoming a patient I learned that just because I think I am healthy, does not mean deep down my body can heal appropriately or naturally. I learned the true meaning of how to take care of my body from the inside out. And most importantly, I have learned the tools to help our children grow up to be better and healthier individuals too.
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  • Edie O'Neil
    Front Desk Specialist

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