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Meet our Team

  • Jaqie Kennell
    Office Manager - Nutrition Response Testingsm Practitioner
    In 2013 my husband suggested I seek chiropractic care and nutrition because he was raised in that type of lifestyle and knew the benefits firsthand. He wanted me to be as healthy as I could be, but I was so hesitant because of my medical background. I have worked in nursing homes, on hospital floors, in emergency departments and as a paramedic on the streets. I came to HLFC as a “healthy” person, with no real complaint, but interested in seeing a broader picture of healthcare. After becoming a patient I learned that just because I think I am healthy, does not mean deep down my body can heal appropriately or naturally. I learned the true meaning of how to take care of my body from the inside out. And most importantly, I have learned the tools to help our children grow up to be better and healthier individuals too.
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  • Paige Bunton
    Patient Advocate
    For several years before becoming a patient at Healthy Living Family Chiropractic, I felt like my health was out of my control. As someone who was raised only to go to the medical doctor when I was horribly ill, I felt embarrassed that I was going to the doctor so often. What was even worse, was the fact that medicine was failing to solve my health problems. I had severe allergies that resulted in me having at least one outbreak of hives every day. I felt congested most days and cycled through multiple antibiotics over the course of a few years.
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  • Jamie Hadady
    Front Desk Specialist
    Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, I have been a resident of Bloomington/Normal since coming to ISU in 2005. I live in the area with my husband and two sons. I was raised in a family that went to the chiropractor for injuries and when you weren’t in pain anymore, you stopped going. I carried that into my own adulthood and only sought chiropractic care when I was hurt. But after my first son was born, he suffered from numerous ear infections and, at eight months old, the doctor was already talking about the possibility of putting tubes in his ears. We knew it was time to research other options. We started chiropractic care after reading about how it could help with ear infections and were amazed at the quick results. Since starting chiropractic care four years ago, he has only had one ear infection!
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