Which is the best breakfast option?(Required)

It is important to eat breakfast within ______ hour(s) after waking up:(Required)

When reading labels, if sugar is not listed toward the beginning of the ingredient list, the product has a lesser amount of sugar than other ingredients(Required)

Which vegetable converts to sugar slower in the body, and thus, helps decrease sugar cravings(Required)

Which fat is not a healthy choice to use in cooking?(Required)

Which is the best source for clean water?(Required)

How often should meals and/or snacks be eaten?(Required)

What is most important to have after physical exercise/work?(Required)

Sugar is harmful to the body because___________.(Required)

Which snack option is a good choice to cut the sugar in your diet?(Required)

Truvia is a healthy substitute for sugar because it’s a natural sweetener made from the
stevia plant(Required)

Which meal is balanced for your blood sugar?(Required)