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In March 2010 we had our first baby and although I went to a chiropractor sporadically during my pregnancy, I still had ribs out and back pain at the end of my pregnancy. I felt very uncomfortable. I also was induced and had a very long, hard labor and delivery story. During my first pregnancy, I relied more on doctors and medicine than on the natural processes of the body. My second baby was born in May 2011 and with two pregnancies so close together, this time I went regularly to Dr. Maranda for adjustments while I was pregnant. All through this pregnancy I felt very good, even at the end! This time I wasn't induced and in fact I had an all natural labor and delivery with no drugs or induction of any kind. I believe that I was more comfortable during pregnancy because of the adjustments and my spine was in alignment for a wonderfully rewarding, drug-free delivery. Thank you Healthy Living Family Chiropractic!


When I first saw Dr. Maranda I was around 15 weeks pregnant with my first child. I was experiencing chronic and severe lower back pain to the point where it was difficult to go about regular daily activities such as walking or sleeping. I had never been to a Chiropractor and did not know what to expect.  

Dr. Maranda completed a full assessment and identified my SI Joint on my left side as a problem area in addition to my lower back. She began adjusting me on a weekly basis. She worked with me on identifying activities I was doing on a daily basis to aggravate my pain (i.e. sitting cross legged, sleep positions, bending improperly). She gave me alternatives to these activities.  

I saw Dr. Maranda for several weeks, meanwhile I went to my OB about my pain. His solution was to prescribe me valium and have me take Ibuprofen, two things I was not comfortable doing in my second trimester of pregnancy. Dr. Maranda was the only health care professional who provided me with natural solutions that did not compromise the health of my baby.  Dr. Maranda suggested I wear a Velcro belt to stabilize my hips. After only a short time of wearing the belt and continuing with adjustments, I experienced a huge improvement.  
I am now going on 34 weeks pregnant and feeling great. Under Dr. Maranda's care, my presenting pain problem has been stabilized but in addition to that Dr. Maranda has served as a wonderful health care professional for my pregnancy in general. She has suggested supplements and provided nutritional information. She has provided natural remedies for all of my pregnancy ailments.  

I would highly recommend Dr. Maranda's services to any pregnant women whether they are experiencing pain or not. The care I receive from Dr. Maranda is beyond what my OB can provide. 


I am pregnant and was having issues with my nutrition intake, feeling very nauseated and had constant heartburn. I also was having headaches. Dr. Maranda organized an eating plan for me. I was eating too much sugar and a lot of the foods I thought were "good" for myself and the baby were not. I was put on a routine of eating well not only for myself, but for my baby. I started feeling better immediately and my heartburn was gone too. Also, my headaches were due to problems in my neck and after beginning adjustments with Dr. Maranda my headaches got better. Dr. Maranda is very knowledgeable with prenancy and she has helped me feel so much better during mine!



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