I started seeing Dr. Maranda during my third trimester of pregnancy. I had lots of back pain during post partum, I had horrible headaches and just generally felt off, more than normal for postpartum. Both Drs. Chad and Maranda were so helpful in explaining everything and answering all the questions I had. They listened to my concerns and make me feel heard when other doctors told me it was fine or normal. Even still when I see them, for nutrition testing or chiropractic, they do their best each time to provide whatever insight they have to whatever issues is being addressed. Almost immediately after getting adjusted during pregnancy, my back pain was relieved. After I went back after delivering my son, the headaches I’d been having for weeks disappeared after my first adjustment. Once I began the nutrition testing with Dr. Chad, within weeks I felt my body begin to level out again. My appetite normalized, my moods improved, my energy was stabilized, I was sleeping better. I didn’t know how worn my body was until nutrition testing brought things back to what was actually normal for me. Although I didn’t have a specific health issue when I started coming to HLFC, I knew some things were off. My advice to any one feeling similar would be to lean into your intuition. If things feel funky, it’s probably because they are and Dr. Chad and Dr. Maranda can help!

~ Hailey M.